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The Island Rally 2024.png
The Island Rally 2024.png


3 chances to win 3 HUGE cash giveaways and bonus sponsor prize packs.

All Rally Entries and registration deadline June 16th!

All accepted Rally Entries will be announced June 23rd!

Buckle up, grip that steering wheel, throw it into 1st gear and smash that foot on the gas for The Island Rally 2024 hosted by Light Em'Up.TV - What do you drive?

Cruise the beautiful Island, alongside the coast line up Hwy 1 and the city outskirts starting from Victoria to Campbell River and back to Victoria stopping at 12 major checkpoints on the way. Follow the clues and the brain teasing riddles along the way to find your next location to ultimately be entered to win 3 huge top cash prizes. Find the bonus locations to have more chances to win awesome prize packs put together by our local sponsors!

The 3 grand prize Cash amounts will be announced June 1st!
All Rally Entries and registration deadline June 16th.

Entry fee for The Island Rally is $150. All net proceeds with be going to Victoria's very own Help Fill a Dream Foundation.

The Island Rally is on June 30th 2024, Sign in 7am, start your engines at 8am sharp!

You must have a valid BC drivers license, current vehicle insurance, register online and must agree to the terms and conditions to be entered. All qualified drivers will have a rally wristband and only the driver will be eligible for the cash prizes, sponsor prize packs. It is the drivers discretion to split possible winnings amongst his/her passengers/team.



This is NOT a race, doesn't matter if you're 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 100th, you will need to wait until the last participant finishes before the cash grand prize and bonus sponsor prize pack draws takes place! 

Please obey and comply with all traffic laws of British Columbia, all traffic signs, speed limits, drive carefully and be courteous to each other, pedestrians and other traffic.

Do not obstruct flow of regular traffic in any way. Pull over carefully and safely when stopping for any checkpoints or bonus locations.

Only the Drivers with the rally wrist bands are eligible for cash grand prize and the sponsor prize packs. How the winning driver(s) split the winnings with his team (passengers) is solely at the discretion of the winning driver.

Each registered vehicle only gets 1 chip entry even if there is more than 1 passenger. Each vehicle and driver must collect all envelopes, the prize chip and return at the end of the rally to be eligible for all cash, sponsor prizes.

All drivers must have a valid driver's license and insurance for the registered vehicle.

No drinking and driving is tolerated at any time.

By participating in the rally, all participants and guests consent to be photographed and included in video documenting the rally.

No tampering with flag, envelope box, envelopes or entry chips in any way and only 1 envelope per vehicle/driver at each check location check point. Failure to follow these rules or regulations will be automatic disqualification.

All bonus chips will be rewarded for any bonus locations. 1 chip for each bonus location successfully completed.

The very last envelope will include The Island Rally grand prize Entry chip. This chip will be used for your entry in the top 3 cash grand prizes. The number that is labelled the drivers wristband will be the number of your cash Grand prize entry chip and sponsor prize pack bonus chips. 

All 13 envelopes and grand prize entry chip must be brought back at the end of Rally to be entered into the top 3 cash grand prizes and sponsor packs.

3 chances to win 3 HUGE cash giveaways with a major cash prize, 2nd big cash prize, a 3rd generous cash prize and bonus sponsor prize packs.

3 grand prize Cash amounts will be announced May 1st!

All Rally Entries and registration deadline June 9th.

Starting rally envelopes, wristbands, rally/info pack will be available for pick up June 16th 

All registered rally Entries will be announced June 23rd!

Rally is on June 30th 

All entry fees are final and non refundable

The Island Rally 2024.png


Upload a photo of your vehicle

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Thanks for registering!

Registration Fee is $150


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